Koh Samui Attraction Places information

Koh Samui Attraction Places information
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วันอาทิตย์ที่ 9 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2559

Samui Unseen Secret Cave at Khaki Cape

This is the most secret cave in Koh Samui that not much people know about it. It is located at Khaki Cape on the northwest of Koh Samui. There is no public transportation to get to this palace. The best way is hiring scooter to go there by yourself or book the private car with the driver through us at http://samui-tour-private-car.blogspot.com 

The location is just driving through the hotel Mai Samui then you will drive along the dirt road about 300 meters long until end of the way you will see the local restaurant name Beryl Bar and just park the car or scooter there. Then you have to walk through Beryl Bar then turn right and walk along the rocky beach about 300 meters more then you will find this cave. (When it is high tide you have to climb a little bit but not too difficult) Inside the cave you will see some of Buddha Images. It is the place where some local people can come to do the mediation in a very quiet area of Koh Samui. 

Once corner front of the cave you will see the statue of the hermit making mediation and the view of some islands of Angthong Nation Marine Park

Behind this hermit statue is the way along the rocky beach that you have to walk from Beryl Bar 

One side of the cave you will see this cave that we can crawl to the way that we walk from Beryl Bar 

If you would like to visit this place with the trip, please book private car/ minibus with us.

Private car 2000 Baht for 2 people / Private minibus 3000 Baht for the group maximum 10 people (5 Hours : daily trip) People from cruise ship will be charged another 500 Baht more for service charge of standby at the pier

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 25 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2558

Namuang Jungle Trip ; Mini Adventure Tour

A short trip just 3 Hours, elephant trekking 1/2 Hr, visit waterfall No.1 and No.2 (swimming) then visit the mummified Monk at Kunaram Temple and Sila Ngu Temple before head back to the hotel. The trip has 2 times a day : morning and afternoon trip.

Sila Ngu Temple

Only 950 Baht per person More Detail

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 23 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2557

Phra Bhuddha Teepangkorn พระพุทธ ทีปังกร



ทางขึ้นไปองค์พระพุทธทีปังกร จากด้านหลัง 

12 ปีนักษัตร รายรอบ 

องค์พระนเรศวร และพระเจ้าตากสินมหาราช

วิวจากบนเขา ที่มีองค์พระพุทธทีปังกร 


ลงมาข้างล่าง มองขึ้นไปมุมข้างบน

วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 19 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2555

Map of Thailand, Koh Samui, Hoh Phangan , Koh Tao, Marine Park

Big Buddha Temple วัดพระใหญ่

The Big Buddha Temple was built in the year 1972 The height is 12 meters. The posture of The Big Buddha is "Subduing Mara"

Originally, there was the wood bridge to get in the temple

Then we had the dirt road to get in the temple

Dirt Road to get in the big Buddha Temple

And Big Buddha nowadays, that the temple just built Subhannahong Boat (Royal Barge) and Semadhammachak (the symbol of Buddhist Religion) 

Big Buddha , view from the road

Big buddha 

You can walk around the base of Big Buddha to see the view of the beach around there

The view of Bang Rak Beach (Big Buddha Beach) from the Big Buddha

Souvenir Shop at Big Buddha Tempel

The mermaid is the second wife of Pra A Pai Manee

Nang Phee Sua Samui , the first wife of Pra A Pai Manee

Pra A Pai Manee and his son "Sin Samut"  (Born with Nang Phee Sua Samut) 

To see Big Buddha Temple you can go with many trip. We recommend Major Safari Tour or if you don't want to do any animal activities you can go with Major Safari Tour Program B (No animals activities)

Or if you just need the private tour with private car and driver please contact here 

วันพุธที่ 18 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2555

Plai Laem Temple วัดปลายแหลม หรือวัดแหลมสุวรรณาราม

Pagoda Khao Hua Jook เจดีย์เขาหัวจุก

Chedi Khao Hua Jook or Pagoda Khao Hua Jook is located on the top hill of Khao Hua Jook in Chaweng area

Chaweng Lake 

When you are nearby Chaweng Lake area you can see Khao Hua Jook Chedi on the hill (same way to go up to Q Bar) 

This is the view from Khao Hua Jook where you can see Chaweng Lake 

On the other side you can see the run way of Koh Samui Airport 

The aircraft of Bangkok Airway is taking off from Koh Samui Airport

Another picture of Chaweng Lake view

Top of Pagoda Khao Hua Jook 

The Building of Khao Hua Jook (Inside you can see stimulated Buddha Footprint) 

There is not trip to visit this place. Just come here by yourself by taxi. (Taxi may charge you extra to go up on the hill like this) Or you may go by private car  + Driver (Going up the hill, there will be 500 Baht extra charge from price)